Halloween Part One: The Tattooed Lady and The Snake Charmer

Halloween may not officially be here yet,but I’ve already donned a costume and attended several parties for unofficial Halloween weekend. This year’s theme: A couple of characters from the circus sideshow. I went as the tattooed lady, and hubby got a makeover as a snake charmer. Here’s how it all went down.


The inspiration for my costume: A tattooed lady from the 1920s.

I started with temporary tattoos my super awesome husband helped me make. We ordered make-your-own tattoo paper off the Internet. Then, we found tattoos from the ’20s, mostly with a nautical theme, sized them in photoshop, printed them on the paper, cut them out and applied them. It was a big undertaking, but it was the only way I could find the tattoos that fit the era.

Next, a trip to Van Michael, where Todd gave me finger waves and curls and Stephanie gave me makeup from the roaring ’20s. My friend Marcella made me the headpieces. And voila, tattooed lady.

I transformed the husband into a snake charmer. His costume consisted of harem pants, one of my tunics, slippers, rubber snakes and a four yards of fabric wrapped into a turban.

And now we’re ready to run off and join the circus. Stay tuned. I’ll be posting pics from our family costume on Thursday.