Hair: The Long and Short of It

{If only you could see me in the wig cap underneath. As if.}

Laugh freely at this post. I encourage you to. That’s what I’m here for, entertainment. I mean, I have on a wig. I’m totally asking for it. Why am I wearing a wig, you ask? Good question. I’m not sure what it is about summertime, but I often consider a hair revamp of sorts as soon as its nearly 900 degrees out. This year, I can’t decide whether to grow it lush and long or chop it all off and go auburn. My beloved stylist, Todd, and colorist, Taylor, at Van Michael suggested a trip to the wig shop to see a) if I even like the idea of long hair and b) what glimpsing myself with a color change looks like in my eyes.

And that’s exactly what I did. I went to Ricky’s on Lincoln Road and tried out some hair. For $3.99, I got a wig cap (not a pretty sight), slipped it on and gave long, brunette locks a go. How did it feel? Like I was playing the role of a criminal in disguise on Law & Order, plus it was hot and itchy. And it felt totally awkward taking pics of myself in fake hair. I just kept thinking the guy behind the counter was convinced I was insane or on the lam. But he probably encounters that at least four times a day. I just hope I wasn’t today’s wig customer numero uno. Getting past all that though, the long wig felt like old me. Way old me. Three years ago me. It was weird.

Despite pestering from said guy behind the counter, who at that point was now way more into my wig trying on than I was, I passed on a pink bob (clearly, a WMC meets Law & Order look—no thanks.)

I did, however, want to give short red a try, too, but the only short they had was actually as long as mine, and the only red was Crayola—again, not a route I’m willing to take.

After releasing my own locks from that god-awful wig cap, I made a stop in a few stores down at Aldo Accessories and bought a feather headband and decided, hey, maybe what I’m rocking right now isn’t so bad.

Short brown hair it is. At least for now.

Point of this post: The wig idea was a great way to see what it will look like if you, like me, get a wild hair to do something wild to your hair.

{You’re laughing, aren’t you?}