H&M in Miami Beach, the Pre-Show

Well, we love you, too, H&M.

Tomorrow is the long-awaited day, the arrival of H&M’s first pop-up shop in Miami Beach. Today, however, I, along with droves of fashion bloggers, photogs, reporters and even Real Housewife of Miami Alexis Echeverria, got a sneak peek of the store and a chance to interview Marybeth Schmitt, the U.S. spokesperson for the brand. I finally got the deets on what took the brand so long to open its doors down here, which designer collab we’ll get first and why it still, in 2012, doesn’t have an e-commerce site.

Before you delve into my interview, note tomorrow doors to the Meridian Avenue pop-up open at noon and stay open until 10 p.m. Consider yourself warned, the buzz surrounding this opening warrants Missoni for Target-style madness.

Pops-of-color handbags, check.

Why has it taken H&M so long to open in Miami? We were looking for the right space and the theatre on Lincoln Road is really the right space. However, we opened this pop-up shop because we knew we had fans. We needed to be here in the summer, so we are doing this small pop-up, which is about 3,000 square feet. Lincoln Road will be 22,000 square feet this fall.

Are you prepared for the carnage that will take place here tomorrow? I really hope so, we have deliveries coming ever hour on the hour.

There are bikini tops for $4.95. That’s just the H&M way. It’s fashion at an affordable price.

Swimwear, with bikini tops as low as $4.95. No, that’s not a typo.

When is the new shop opening? In the fall. We dont have a date yet, but in the fall. That store is so special, we want to be sure it’s done in a proper way. We want to be true to the original theatre and also bring H&M fashion and fun to it.

Are you going to have kids clothes? Yes.

What’s the next designer collab? Anna Dello Russo. She is a fashion director. It’s the first time we’ve done a collaboration like this. She works at Japanese Vogue now, and she’s worked at Italian Vogue. She is a fashion icon. It’s an accessory collection I think will be perfect for Miami. It’s a lot of flash and a lot of fashion.

When does that come out? This fall.

So this will be Miami’s first H&M designer collaboration experience.

We’ve all heard about how people swoop in and poach these designer collabs. How does H&M prevent that? Do you have a limit on what people can buy? We have a bracelet once people are in line and there is an allotted amount of time for people to come in, based on the collaboration. We’re very organized. We’ve been doing this for so long and we are thrilled that everyone loves it so much, so want to give everyone a chance.

Why doesn’t H&M have an e-commerce site? We are launching online in the fall.

How ironic. We’ll actually have an H&M by then. Oh well, at least if its sold out in the store, we can find it online.

Affordable accessories en mass.

Hello, summer!

The future home of H&M this fall.

Find the H&M pop-up shop, open tomorrow through September at 1669 Meridian Ave. in Miami Beach.