State and Mane

{Braided metallic headbands: c/o Goody FashioNow.}

And now a whole post where all I do is talk about my hair (one of the many side effects of being a girl). The bob and I have come to a crossroads. About two months ago I made a decision to grow out my hair. Why? Because thanks to The Great Gatsby, I feel like everyone and their mom, plus my vet, are rockin’ my bob. And the whole reason why I loved said cut was because no one else had it. Alas, now everyone does and I’m not willing to go shorter to be different (growing your hair over your ears is a mother), so all that’s left is to welcome back my long locks. Inside, I’ll always be a short-hair girl, and as soon as the rest of the world starts growing out their bob, I’ll most likely go back to mine, but the times are a changing in top-of-the-head land. And just a note: I’m going to need LOTS of encouragement to get through shoulder-length torture. So keep me in your prayers. And send hair and nail vitamins.