Gone Girl

{Wearing: Graphic Tank: c/o Ever Ivy Isabella Tank. Skirt: American Apparel Suede Circle Skirt. Shoes: Aldo Wedges. Necklace: Vintage. Photographed by me.}

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And now on to my not-so-popular opinion: Gone Girl, it’s that movie “everyone” is talking about or dying to see. Or has recently seen. I fit into that last category. I saw it Sunday night with Julieeeeeeee (I have to leave her name spelled like that for reasons I won’t explain). Both Julieeeeeee and I read Gone Girl before the movie came out. The book was the kind that keeps you up at night, ripping through pages at 4 a.m., while meanwhile your retinas are so tired, they feel like they might bleed with each involuntary blink you take. And yet, you keep going because you have to. You have to know what happens next. The story is demented at best. Basically, if I were the man married to the author, I’d sleep with one eye open and never forgot to tell her how beautiful she looks each morning. Anniversaries, bdays, those kinds of things would be tattooed on my wrist in the off chance I’d forget—if she were my wife. But the fact that she is a wife and a mom and allowed her imagination to go to such deep, dark, demented places, well, it’s amazing. She is an artist in the truest form, able to create a world that others question, fear and long to know more of. A world that is so far beyond her own. She has imagination and lets just let it at that.

But did it translate on film? Let me be honest, you know, they never do, right? Those movies we create in our heads are far better than those anyone else can create on screen. The way our characters sigh, they way they blink, the way they deliver that climatic sentence. It’s never the same once some Hollywood hotshot gets their hands on it. But with Gone Girl, I had a notion it might be different. The movie was getting buzz, buzz, buzz as being a great adaption. And then it happened, I saw it and honestly, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. It was so long. My butt went numb in my front-row seat (yes, there were THAT many people in the theatre), my limbs were frozen, me eyes started to water as a yawned. I knew what was coming, so lets just get on with it already, shall we?

And that’s when I realized the people giving Gone Girl two thumbs up are those who never ravenously flipped through the pages at 4 a.m. They knew little about the story. They liked what they saw on screen because it was foreign to them. I, on the other hand, along with Julieeeeeeee grew bored. In fact, while the book held my attention past dire notions of sleep, the movie seemed silly. Farfetched. Outlandish. Though it was the same story being told, it was best told by the voice in my head and not the ones on the screen.

Am I disappointed, yeah. Why? Because I’m still waiting for film to catch up with the director, producer, screenwriter and actor that lives in my head. If only I could land her a job.