GNO, the Three Little Letters Every Girl Lives For

{Wearing: Dress: Alexis. Necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Photographed by the always fun Shayne Benowitz.}

What happens when you start a GNO (girls night out) at 4 p.m.? No, I’m not part of the early bird special crowd. There’s a legit reason why I hit the town dressed like I was headed for a night out in the middle of broad daylight.

My Visit Florida partner in crime Kara Franker invited me to be part of a GNO she was filming for the site. I, of course, accepted. Girls nights out are like slumber parties for big girls, with frozen drinks instead of frozen bras and meeting actual boys instead of crank calling them.

But 4 p.m.? Isn’t that a wee on the early side? Won’t 9 p.m. feel like midnight? Yes, yes and yes. But when you’ve got a camera crew that requires good lighting, you do what you have to do. And they didn’t really have to twist our arms to have a GNO in the middle of the day.

The “night” started in a limo filled with new friends and old. First stop, W Fort Lauderdale, where dinner, drinks and far too much sharing, followed by far too much laughing, more sharing, gossiping, life-swapping and more laughing ensued.

At one point, one of us made the grave mistake of looking at a watch. Nine p.m.? Surely, that watch had stopped four hours earlier. But no, it really was 9 p.m. Mind you we started that adventure five hours prior, so it was safe to call it a day. But because we’re self-respecting Miamians, we knew calling it quits at 9 p.m. would be, well, lame. So off we went to the W South Beach (because subconsciously we needed to compare and contrast) and hit the bar for more laughing and story telling.

And that’s when it hit me, the need to share this little nugget. Dear guys looking in on a GNO: If you see a group of girls who aren’t looking at you or twirling their hair and they are locked in serious conversation, stay back. That’s a serious GNO that’s reached convo level 5, the highest level of girl talk. While they may be dressed and made up, which (btw) they did for each other and not the male species, they have zero interest in talking to you. And when you come over and intro yourself and continue on and on because you’ve just paid no attention to the signs or advice I’ve given, don’t be shocked if you get less than a warm welcome. They don’t want to give you their number, they don’t want to hear pick up lines and they are completely capable of paying for their own drinks. So, keep movin’.

The fact of the matter was we had such good girl chat that unless a shoe sale of the 80-percent off variety presented itself, we couldn’t have cared less what was going on around us. Sorry, guys, it’s true.

Sometimes, a GNO is just that, a night out to catch up with the girls.