Everything You Never Knew About Your Beauty Routine—But Probably Should

{Wearing: Striped Tape Tee Sweater : c/o Kersh (on sale for $21.30).  Shorts: c/o Blush. Necklace: Vintage. Hair & Makeup: c/o Glamsquad.}

I recently got to spend the afternoon with Glamsquad at the Carillon Hotel (which is all kinds of stunningly beautiful and has a large and lovely spa) to get tips and tricks on how to make the most of your beauty routine. Turns out, after just five minutes with the beauty gurus, I realized, I’ve been doing basically everything wrong. Haha.

For instance, did you know sleeping on cotton pillowcases sucks the moisture out of your skin and hair, making you wrinkly before your time? Yup, I had no idea either. And that’s why you should sleep on satin pillowcases.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what else I learned:


Before you get a blowout, it’s best to wash your hair twice with clarifying shampoo. I suggest ColorProof ClearItUp Detox Shampoo. This way you get all the gunk out of your hair, so the blowout will last longer. You should consider using this shampoo once a week, too. I always thought clarifying shampoo stripped the color out of your hair. I was wrong.


You’re doing your dry shampoo completely wrong. You have to part small sections of your hair, spray into the scalp, then massage it in with your fingers. Then you repeat on another small section. And so on. What have I been doing? Spraying it directly into my hair until my hair turns white and then brushing it until the white evenly distributes all down my locks. #fail! Speaking of dry shampoo, I’m currently loving Aveda Shampure. And now that I know how to use it, I like it even more.


You should wrap your hair at night to make your blowout last longer. All these years I’ve been sleeping on my back like Snow White in her box, refusing to make a move in my sleep. Totally not necessary.

And then there were all the things I’ve done wrong with my makeup. For instance:


Those dark circles under your eyes? Start with a yellow-based cover up and then apply a peachy shade atop that. Bye Bye Under Eye from It Cosmetics is fan-tas-tic. And you will no longer be confused with a raccoon’s cousin.


Of course we talked about brows. You should brush your brows down first in order to see where you need to fill them in. Um, brilliant. How did I not know this before? I’m currently obsessed with Browfection Brow Liner and Shaper and Browfectin Brow Powder Duo from Strut 365 at European Wax Center. Again, especially now that I know how to use it.


Lastly, colorful liner is your friend. I have a zillion purple liners and I’ve never used them because why would I wear purple liner? Why? Because purple makes hazel eyes stand out. Something I never knew before this little gathering. We tested out the new collection of Beauty For Real’s I-Line. They are easy to use. Coming from me that says a lot.

And there you have it. A whole world of beauty secrets I’ve made it through almost 39 years of life not knowing, despite the fact that I do my hair and makeup almost daily. Knowledge is power. Thanks, Glamsquad.

PS, this is what I wore for our afternoon lunch and glam tips. If you like my sweater, you can snag it at Kersh for next to nothing right now, as its on sale.