Mud Slinging

{Mask: c/o GlamGlo SuperMud. Lipstick: c/o Cle de Peau Beaute Extra Rich Lipstick in 206 with holder. Find all three at Neiman Marcus.}

Skincare products and lazy Sunday afternoons go together like tequila and lime. Yesterday, I decided to play spa and tried out my GlamGlo Supermud mask. This is what we girls do when we get new products and are left up to our own devices. Ask the FedEx guy. He’s caught me mid beauty product test run one too many times.

Supermud calls itself a “facial in a jar,” and was created for backstage acts who needed to look camera-ready— stat. Since it was a lazy day and I had nowhere to go and certainly no cameras to mug for, I just decided it would be fun to give myself an at-home facial. All that was missing were the cucumbers for my eyes. So, on it went. In the 10 minutes I waited for it to do its trick, the mask started to tighten (just a little—not that mummy-ing effect some masks have that make you wonder why you did this to begin with) and a tingly menthol sensation heated up my skin.

With visions of glowing skin (a la a Barbara Walters special—seriously, her lighting guy is a magician) dancing around my head, I waited. And kept myself entertained with my new Cle de Peau Beaute lipstick, of which shade 206 is a perfect natural lip hue. I can see this getting a ton of daytime wear this fall. Afterward, I washed off my mask with facial wipes and gave my skin a good once over. Did I feel glowier? Yup. Did my skin feel fresh? Super fresh. Would I give this mask a second chance? You bet. The box recommends twice a week. I can more realistically see myself using it once every two weeks, when it’s a rainy weekend afternoon or I just want to feel pretty. At $70 a jar, it’s more affordable than most facials. And you don’t have to leave home to get glowing. Now if only GlamGlo could bottle up a brow sculptor for pop the top wow brows. Oh well, a girl can dream.