The Year of the Snake(skin)

{Snakeskin maxi dress: Shopblush.com. Lucite jewelry: Vintage.}

I think I might be recovering from the Lycra hangover that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. If one swim trend got imprinted on my brain, it was snakeskin prints. They were everywhere: Beach Bunny, Agua Bendita, Poko Pano, the list goes on. I got in on it myself the second to last night of shows with this maxi from Blush. And since it’s near walking-on-the-sun hot in Miami, the whole backless aspect really works. I even dressed up Milly in her backless maxi from Tricia Fix for her first swim week show ever— L Space by Monica Wise. She sat in the front row and snapped away with my iPhone. Too cute.

We were twinsies in more ways than one, though. A few months back her teacher at school snipped off her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. Milly came home and gave me the scoop and said she wanted to donate her hair, too. (Bless her heart.) With excess time in the pool and the chlorine dry-out factor so heavy in the dead of summer, now just seemed like the time to do it. Plus, we’d have matching hair and I’d have a grow-out buddy (if I can make it through this whole “I think I want long hair thing.” Send motivation!) I mean, how much fun is that? So we headed to Todd at Van Michael and took the plunge. Unfortunately, she was at least 7 months away from her hair being long enough to donate, but she was really into the whole idea so we went for it anyway. She loves it and calls it her big girl makeover. I guess a summer makeover is fun no matter what age you are.


{Photographed by David Marc Harris.}

And here’s how we wore it to swim week. Thanks to Kristin Clark of Living in Color Print for snapping the pic above.