The September Mood Board

Yes, it’s technically the month fall happens, but this is Miami and there’s no such thing—until at least December. Thinking about a change of seasons seems silly when there are still a million beach days ahead. Nevertheless, this is my minute transition into fall. Miami fall (aka still summer).

I never sun my face. Instead, I’m digging the new Chanel Les Beiges as my glow alternative. It also has SPF 15, to keep sun-damaging rays at bay. Take that, wrinkles.

When it comes to scents, I love to stock up on new ones seasonally. And no matter which time of year it is, I always opt for fruity over floral. This Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender de Provence mixes French lemon verbena with lavender, cedarwood, white amber and tonka bean. It’s so fresh and so clean clean.

Who doesn’t need a dose of good luck? This Cimber horseshoe ring does the trick.

Fact: I live in Miami. Fact: The sun is unavoidable, unless I want to go around looking like the invisible man all wrapped up in gauze. Instead, I’m slathering on SK-II Essential Power Rich Cream to the places that need to the most love. (Hello, 21 year old skin. I miss you.) This stuff is thick, rich and as close as you can get to a wrinkle rid-all.

When Hermes makes a new fragrance a little part of my heart does a jig. The latest: Hermes Mandarine Ambree takes my favorite scent (mandarin) and gives it a boost with Amber, so it has a fall-esque feel. Plus, the bottle is so big, plan to wear this well into spring of next year.

If I had a dollar for every person who asked/e-mailed/texted/tweeted about whether I was going to Fashion Week, I’d move to a private island and become a full-time blogger. The answer is no. But for my next outing, I’ll be filling up these Caboodles travel bags.

When I was in college, I had a fish named Willis. I taught him how to jump out of the bowl to get his food off my thumb name. I miss Willis, but I’m making due with my handmade little gold fishy necklace from Lexi Jewelry (a local Miami brand).

Every fall, we get the report that neutral lips are what we should pair with smokey eyes. So here’s your latest neutral lip to slip into. It’s by Laura Mercier and it’s called Cafe. Score it at Neiman Marcus.

Like I said, there’s no end to summer in sight, which means you don’t have to kiss your beach waves goodbye. Or in my case, a little lift to the bob (almost five months in without cutting it!) And because sea salt has the best hold on earth, this one from John Masters Organics is a solid investment.

Long live the statement necklace. I swear it’s the new black, which I’m pretty sure is oxblood again and maybe a hint of navy. Anyway, I love a statement necklace, but I hate having the same one as three other girls in the room. The Orbit from Bare Collection is unique and, well, lets be honest, badass. Thus far it’s become the white tee, jeans accent piece, and the cool thing around my neck in my LBD. And that’s just the beginning.

My third scent of the month, Pure Mariposa by Ramon Monegal, is perfect for stashing in your purse. Small and mighty and packed with an earthy punch with hints of orange and grapefruit. Also find it at Neiman Marcus.

My old editor at DailyCandy once told me that if she’s learned anything, it’s the people freaking love soap. So imagine my excitement with these Ayres Beauty soap and lotions showed up in the mail? My favorite: Midnight tango, which is a blend of essential oils of orange blossom and vanilla. The formulas are thick and rick and smell amazing. Bonus: The brand is based here in Miami. And we all know how much I love buying local.

Speaking of moisturizing, sometimes you just need a good oil to give your legs sheen. Especially when your shorts are a little on the short side. What can I say, it’s still 95 degrees here daily. Capri Clear Coconut Oil does the trick. And it’s perfect for sensitive skin (hi, that’s me).

Hands in the sink + hands washing kid + hands wiping down dogs =+ hands making dinner + hands doing laundry = dry, chapped hands. Solution: Lollia At Last handcreme. Its formula is perfect and smells of white petals and rice flower. Keep this one around for that one cold week when you have to turn on the heat (read moisture-sucking city).

Being mindful of my fear of being wrinkled, I’ve turned to FakeBake. In oh my god, I’m pasty like a Northerner who skipped this year’s summer vacay for a week-long Netflix rendezvous situations, this is your ultimate solution. That and the name says it all, Flawless.

Photographed by moi. I’m learning how to use this new lens I bought and I’m obvi so proud I just gave myself a photo credit. Don’t judge me. It’s manual.