Balance of Power

{Classic Racerback Top: c/o Albion Fit. Capri Yoga Pants: c/o Albion Fit.}

I’m about to get all hippie dippy. Thanks to my awesome yoga classes with Cat Haayen I’ve found some much-needed Zen. And with it, the realization that yoga—beyond just being an exercise outlet— replicates life. Both are a balancing act. Lean too far in one direction and you topple over. Lean too far the other and you’ll get the same result. In yoga it’s about using your core strength to stay grounded. In life, it’s about finding strength in your core to stand up straight when life attempts to knock you down. Challenging, yes. But shocking and fun when you realize you can balance your body’s weight on the heel of your hand. Here I am in my Albion Fit yoga gear (watch out LuluLemon, this stuff is awesome) doing a little balancing act of my own.

Photographed by David Marc Harris.