Road Tested: The Eyes Have It

The Monday beauty review is officially now in session. Round one: Eye creams. Because, while the benefits of being an insomniac include watching more than half of season one of Orange is the New Black in one night, the setbacks are lack of a well-rested glow.

Problem:  I survived Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim—which happened weeks ago … and I still look tired.

Solution: Twenty minutes into my G.M. Collin Instant Radiance Eye Patch and it’s like half of that week of Lycra lineup never even happened. Worse case scenario in the under eye baggage claim? Leave it on overnight and it’s like I’m in high school all over again.

Problem: Late-night work sesh keeps me from one-on-one time with my fluffy pillow.

Solution: Slather on Sisley Paris Supremya Eye when the opportunity to sleep finally comes. The night cream is supposed to kick dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness to the curb. Come morning, I find the skin around me eyes is definitely softer, which makes the next morning’s foundation app cake (actually not cake-y at all). Find it at Saks in Dadeland.

Problem: I need a long-term sleep-deprivation solution.

Solution: mybody Calm after the Storm Soothing + De-Puffing Eye Cream makes a world of difference the longer you use it (think around eight weeks), but in the short-term, the cool metal applicator instantly reduces some of the luggage your under eyes are carrying around.

Problem: A 2 a.m. thunderstorm had the dogs, the kid and me up all night long.

Solution: In an brilliant move, Obagi Elastiderm Eye Complete Complex Serum has a rollerball applicator, so I can steamroll over those ravines that are the bags under my eyes. The caffeine infusion is a wake-up call to the tired eyes I’ve been carrying around.

Problem: I’m scared of Botox.

Solution: Just say no to needles but yes to ultrasonic waves. Give the wand and the cure-all eye cream a week and Jenu Anti Aging Skin System starts to turn back the hands of time in about two weeks. The secret is the wand preventing the cream from evaporating. Absorption is awesome. Find it at Neiman Marcus.