Gilt's Inside Tip

These are the usual suspects.

As referenced in my “Get Smart” post a little bit back, I’m subscribed to every discount shopping site known to man, which was to my benefit on Thursday night when Gilt City hosted its Insider party. Insider is a new program set up by Gilt, where Miami’s big wigs curate their own deals. (Read: You can get the good stuff for cheeeeaaaaap.) The first of which was headed up by Loren Ridinger. And guess what that meant? Committing shoe-a-cide (a term I’m totally jacking from The Wordy Girl) at Casa Ridinger. As you recall, the last time I happened on the property, I nearly murdered our favorite six-inch heels. So this time, I got smart. Or at least I thought I did. I wore my big old chunky Choos. But even they left me teetering and tottering on the grass and the uneven (but stunning) coral and cobblestone. This leaves me with but one conclusion: Casa Ridinger is a flip-flop-only environ. I’m sure the usual suspects in tow (see above) would agree.

As we sipped champagne and loaded up bags of candy from the sweets bar, Ridinger took to the mic to tell us about her deals, which members can peruse here. It’s a Midtown heavy array, which totally works for me. I actually scored the Blo deal, $17 for a blowout. Who can you pass that up? Other scores included a Cowshed and Nailbar deal that went faster than Missoni for Target. Too bad I’m a member at Green Monkey or that 59% off for 30 days deal would be ideal.

Now if they could just put together a deal for Casa Ridinger feet-friendly footwear …

Me and The Wordy Girl being fabulous.