Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Sugar Plum Fairy.

Christmas is a week away. One week and a day. That’s what I’ve got left. I made a massive effort to make holiday headway on Black Friday. But after that Art Basel happened, followed by new job (love new job, by the way), and I’ve kind of fallen into the abyss of holiday denial.

Shocking confession: This is a first for me. I usually scoff at people who wait until Christmas Eve to realize they are about to lose the race. I’m the mom that makes cookies, puts them in the mail and makes you feel bad for not doing so already. I buy my holiday stamps at the beginning of December and wait for an appropriate time to finally mail my cards out. For me, holiday planning usually starts the day after Thanksgiving, by which point I’ve shopped, wrapped all the presents and put the tree up. This year, not so much. Because I’ve got my head wrapped around 200 other projects right now, I’ve managed to take all the holiday cheer and shove it into a little corner and earmarked it for later.

Later, apparently, is here. I realized that little nugget when my tickets for The Nutcracker, featuring the Miami City Ballet, started glowing on the fridge. A sign, if you will, that it was time to take them to their leader. So, I did. Kid in tow. And it was amazing. This year’s Sugar Plum Fairy was phenom. She’s the real reason Milly and I are such fans of the show. We long to wear the purple tutu. The kid behind me, probably age 2, agreed. She also poked me on the back of the neck about 300 times over the course of two hours (What in the hell was her mom doing during this time?), but I digress.

With a Nutcracker under my belt (there’s a joke in there somewhere), I can no longer put off. I have to face the music. The holidays are here and I best get with the program. Hence my latest status update: “Took kid to see Nutcracker. Kinda feeling in the holiday spirit now. Wait, still havent finished my last story. Still havent finished shopping. Still havent made holiday cards. Still havent mailed anything. Maybe it’s not holiday spirit im feeling. Maybe it’s holiday anxiety …” Oy. How am I going to get myself out of this mess? I’ll tell you how, I’m going to run around and get it done until it’s all done. Little Baby Jesus, help us.

If you see a blur racing around town this week between the post office and stores with anything left as gifts, it’s me. It’s totally me. Feel free to run alongside or share your lack-of-planning holiday horror stories. This is a first for me and my misery needs some company.

Side note: As I’m writing this, my mother is texting me to mail the presents already. Fab. Just fab.