Get Smart

Need sheets? Yeah, me neither.

There are exactly 2.4 million discount shopping sites. I know this because I am subscribed to at least 2.2 of that million. My inbox is an enigma in and of itself. Here’s the ironic part: As much as I love shopping, I hardly ever open any of them. The exception is the one my friend (hold up, there’s a shout out coming) Marcella referred me to. (Side note: I honestly have more than three friends, but for some reason the only three who ever get mentioned on my blog are Maria, Marcella and Erin. I swear there’s more. Honest.) After listening to me rant about how I need new jeans, Marcella texted me a site called SmartBargains.com, who had Paige Denim for the grand total of $32. I’ve been on the site ever since: Hello, Nicole Miller sequin dress for $27.99. Anyone want to host NYE part deux?

SmartBargains.com isn’t your typical fashionista site. It has a plethora of home stuff, too. I like to think of it as the TJ Maxx of discounted shopping sites. You really have to scrounge around through the bad shoes, tacky purses and floral shower curtains to find what you are looking for, but when you do, chances are it’s going to be $15 — once you apply five to 10 different discount codes. And I’m fairly certain the free shipping promo never ends. Ever.

See for yourself. Sign up at Smartbargains.com. Be forewarned, though. You will get a daily e-mail enticing you to buy this, that, the other or an umbrella. But hey, you’ve already tolerated the other million you get daily. What’s one more?