Get Smart

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Smart asked me if I wanted to drive around town in its miniature ride for a couple of weeks. Considering I’ve lamented my Mini Cooper ever since I traded it in my for mom-mobile back when I was preggo,  I jumped at the chance. I tooled around town with the top down and parked that thing in places that gave sedan owners parking envy.

{Meet my little car.}

Smart also asked me to design a wrap for its Wrap Stars contest, where just five bloggers across the U.S were selected to create cool looks for the pint-sized vehicle. My competition opted for flowers, denim, even kaleidoscope designs. I went with (surprise) a zigzag pattern. The inspiration came from a dress I wore during Swim Week. The yellow, black and white color combo seemed to be everywhere during the week of bikinis. Pairing it with my love of the zig and the zag worked for the car’s shape, and my Smart wrap was born.

Being picked to design a car was actually a lot of fun, and I told you zigzag fever was catching.

The Smart Wrap Stars contest is on for the next three weeks. You just have to go here, like the page, click the Wrap Stars box below and vote. You can also try this link, if the first one trips you up. Anyone who votes get a chance to win a Mac wrapped in the winning design, and you can vote every day if you want. A zig zag Mac, now that would be an awesome accessory. Advice: Make sure you take your pop-up blocker off so you can vote.

{Zigzag power.}

{The inspiration for my design.}

{The competition.}