Get Into the Nude

{Nails: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Frenzy.}

The other day I went to the nail salon to get my talons filed and despite the entire new summer collection, Naughty Nautical, from Essie sitting in front of me, I opted for a nude nail. My bare-it-all shade? Chanel’s Frenzy. The next day, I opened one of the 6,023 e-mails that manage to find their way to my inbox (e-mail is the bane of my existence) and BAM! A whole story about how the new trend in nails is sticking it to those bright poppy shades of summer and opting for a nearly naked nail. I was ahead of the curve before I even realized it. Don’t get me wrong, a pop of pink is a great summer shade, but sometimes, there’s so much pop, it feels like you’re living in the middle of a bag of microwave corn. Pink! Orange! Coral! Turquoise! Neon! Honestly, my retinas need a break. Trust me, the French mani will rise again. It, like my little car above, is a classic. And when it does, and it accidentally chips, it won’t look nearly as tragic as when your Sunday Funday goes awry. Just another reason neutral nails should get a little more love.