Fun With Neon

Asos Leather Long Satchel With Fluro Trim, $121.77.

Considering a glow-in-the-dark look this summer? Guest blogger Blathnaid Magill of Asos shows us how to tackle the neon trend. Take it away, Blathnaid:

We all have that dilemma every season: A new trend emerges and, although it looks breathtaking on the catwalk, we are scared to embrace the look ourselves—because let’s face it, life is not a runway, and I’m not a super model.

Here are my tips on how to wear neon whilst not looking like you’re stuck in an ’80s time warp or attending an acid rave.

Asos body-conscious dress with neon piping, $60.88.

1) My personal number one tip on adopting the neon trend is neon in its simplest form: Piping. Neon piping is the perfect way to give a nod to the trend that doesn’t seem to be giving up any time soon. A simple summer shift dress, like the one depicted above, is the perfect way to embrace neon without garnering an en mass blinding while walking down the street. Neon piping looks fantastic with black, white and pastel and just about any block-coloured outfit—which leads me to my next tip.

Sharouk Commet Acid Earrings, $608.83.

2) Fluroccessorize: making your accessories fluro fabulous is the easiest way to update your wardrobe and carry your staple wardrobe pieces into summer 2012. Accessories should be kept relatively simple, like everything with this trend. Less is definitely more with this one. Accessories that got the invite to the neon party in my wardrobe are belts, handbags and jewellery. These Sharouk Commet Acid Earrings are definitely on my wish list this month.

Aldo Bracker Strappy Neon Contrast Sandal, $130.46.

3) One of the easiest ways to carry your wardrobe from season to season is on-trend shoes. They doth maketh the outfit. Adding a pair of neon-accented shoes will add the oomph that will make your outfit shine.

Nails Inc Neon Trend Polish, $19.13.

4) If you’re you are still afraid to make the splurge, then the easiest and cheapest way to bring the luminescent vogue dominating the summer scene is by incorporating it with nail art. Like the pretty floral pastel trend floating around, this is the quickest and cheapest way to try out something new and instantly update your look.

Glow on.