Frockin' Out

Me, My Melody and a summer frock.

Come summer, our fair city is a sweat lodge. An open-air steam room. A walk-in hair dryer. Tromping around this kind of heat isn’t for amateurs. It’s hard to look fashion forward when you are sweating like a banshee. So here are my three “s” rules when dressing for summer in Miami: Simple, short and spaghetti-strapped or strapless. That’s what we Miami girls wear when it’s 99 degrees out. A tour de closet would yield hanger after hanger of these little numbers, like my silk Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent summer staple. Another rule for navigating this season: Less is more. Let your accessories wow, while your dress weathers the sauna that is our city.

Glammed up with a vintage choker and a Lola James Jewelry necklace.

Accented with my vintage Phillippe leather bag, Lalique ring and non-existent nail polish (for shame).

On my feet: My favorite Choos. Most. Comfy. Shoes. Ever.