Four Finds

I’m not even remotely kidding you. A few years back, several friends and I used to call H&M’s coprporate office at random to ask why it didn’t have a store in Miami and when in the world we were getting one. Finally, that day is here. Why was I just as obsessed then as I am now? It’s a great way to incorporate cute trends into your wardrobe without breaking the bank. In honor of Miami Beach’s H&M Pop-Up Shop grand opening, I’m showing off four finds from yesterday’s preview and the ridic affordable price tags attached.

{Blue beach towels, $9.95.}

{Neon earrings, $7.95.}

{Colorful bikini top, $14.95, and matching bottom, $12.94.}

{Neon and tan clutch, $17.95.}