Four Finds to Look for at the Target Neiman Marcus Collab

Smashed between Black Friday and Art Basel is Target’s most daring collaboration to date: the Target Neiman Marcus hybrid. And tomorrow, it’s gets real. And yes, I will be there hella early with my camera snapping pics of the shoppers loosing their mind over the collection. Here’s a few of the things I’ve got my eye on. What are you prepared to go to battle for?

{I seriously haven’t needed a lunch box since like 1986, but hey, I could make an exception for this one from Tory Burch. Thermos, $24.99, lunchbox, $19.99.}


{Diane von Furstenberg yoga mat, $49.99? Yes, please.}


{In the off chance it actually gets cold enough to wear these amazing Brian Atwood gloves, $49.99, in Miami, I’ll have them ready to go.}



{Perfect holiday gift comin’ at cha,┬áCarolina Herrera travel bag collection, $39.99.}

{Bonus find: Skaist Taylor kids hat, $39.99. Not going to lie, I’m dying to try this on. And hey, should I love it, I can always “say” it’s for the kiddo.}