Four Finds: In the Red

I’m an Aries, which means I’m a fiery one. No wonder my favorite color is red. Loving these finds in the same hue.

{I scored this red turban on a thrifting adventure. It’s from god only knows when, but the tags were still on it. I still haven’t worked up the courage to take it on an outside of the house tour, but I can feel that coming soon.}

{This wannabe J. Crew bubble necklace is humungous. I can’t wait to rock it out with a one-armed black frock.}

{After snatching up shorts in this same hue while I was in N.Y., I’ve decided oxblood may just be my new favorite color of the season. This polish from editor/stylist Carine Roitfeld‘s collection is called Underfire Red. I have a feeling I just found my go-to shade for all of fall.

{Koi are supposed to be lucky fish. Maybe I’ll slip this little crystal-covered guy on and buy a lotto ticket for the weekend. Here’s to wishful thinking.}