Four Finds: In Honor of the Miami Heat Win, Don Geek-Chic Glasses

{Geeking out in Tom Ford glasses.}

I like sports about as much as I like waking up with a head cold. (Read: Not at all.) But I am from Indiana, which means basketball is ingrained in my brain as basically the only sport worth watching. And since I do live in Miami and the Heat blew the pants off OKC last night, a Four Finds Friday dedicated to the Miami Heat seemed a necessary evil. Especially considering how sports got all runway ready by taking a single silly trend and mainstreaming it. Yup, I’m talking about the geeky glasses the NBA players have been talking to the press in. The trend has taken off by such leaps and bounds that I even saw guys roaming around the mall in lens-less 3-D specs. I kid you not. Yesterday, I hit NBC6 to talk about D-Wade and Lebron James sporting their four-eyed fakes. After the segment (playable below), I decided to give geek chic a go myself. Here are my favorite frames of the day. P.S. My hubby rocks nerd frames (for real, not fun) and I think they are hot.

{Red Ray-Ban sunglasses with the lenses popped out. Why, you ask? Why not?}

{John Varvatos in red.}

{Black Chanel frames so worth going geeky for. Available at LensCrafters stores.}

Here’s what else you can rock in the nerd-esque frames department.