Four Finds From Target’s Upcoming Collab With Feed

{Scarves. That white with the red is going to be pretty pretty pretty hard to pass up.}

Save the date for June 30, when Lauren Bush Lauren and Target partner up for the FEED + Target collab. FEED, as I’m sure you know, is the world’s largest hunger relief charity. The line will feature 50 items, including apparel for him and her, priced anywhere from $3 to $400. And each piece will show the number of meals that Feeding America will donate when you snatch up an item. Are we branching out into new territory here? Maybe designer collabs that give back are a new spin on this grown-tired trend. We already know the quality isn’t where it should be for most of these brands, but adding in the charity angle seems like a noble cause and more of a reason to shop. Of course, FEED already has a built-in charity. That’s the point of the whole brand. But I’d like to see fashion houses pay it forward, too. At least that way I can feel better about buying something everyone and their Aunt Ida will be toting around the remainder of summer.

{Universal denim tote. Check!}

{Journal this.}


{A little part of me just died over the black paisley water bottle.}