Four Finds From Havaianas

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy and her feeder bands, I thought a Four Finds about  rubber shoes that can endure waking through water was a necessity. Plus, I spent a lot of time in flip-flops going to and from yoga. But here’s the thing about flip-flops at yoga: Everyone wears black ones, black ones they leave outside the door in a big flop pile. And when you walk out of a class, all zen-ed out from here to Nirvana, you just grab the first pair of black rubber sandals you see. And that’s how I’ve lost about 10 pairs of flip-flops. The solution: A funky pair of Havaianas. The colorful insides scream, “Back up, sista, those are mine!” And if they should happen to say get wet, say, during a tropical storm, no big deal. They’re rubber. They will dry. Plus, the designer collabs are just too cool.  Whether you’re a Missoni or a Muppet, here’s four pairs of my faves from the flip-flop brand I wear from the mat to the beach and back again. As for the store opening on Lincoln Road in Miami this fall, it’s been delayed until spring. In the meantime, find these guys online.

{When I’m not wearing flip-flops in Miami, I’m hiding my piggies from all that mother nature throws at me in rain gear. These Matthew Williamson for Havaianas rain boots are a stylish rain-soaked god-send.}

{My zig-zag fever shows no signs of slowing down. Loving these groovy Missoni for Havaianas flip-flops. It’s a colorful way to take high-end fashion for a walk on the casual side.}

{As often as I encounter puddles, one pair of rain boots is simply not enough. These Matthew Williamson for Havaianas boots are built to survive whatever Hurricane Sandy can blow at us.}

{These Muppet flops are like taking a step back into my childhood. Mah na mah na. And I’m pretty sure no one at yoga would confuse them for their own.}