Four Finds at Fashion Bloggers Do It Better

Last night was a better night in Miami with the Fashion Bloggers Do It Better Summer event at Ricochet. The second leg of the shopping series (the first happened back in March) featured local designers and boutiques selling their wares, as well as Miami’s fashion bloggers taking to the runway in a fashion show that displayed each blogger’s personal style. Here’s a look at my favorite four finds of the night and a recap of this fashionable fete.

{Find 1: Jewels by Dunn skull, arrow and spike bracelets.}

{Find 2: Turquoise bead necklace from Furor Moda.}

{Find 3: Vanessa Ferrer’s ridic awesome neon and monogrammed bag.}

{Find 4: Maria Tettamanti’s spankin’ new Chanel shoes.}

And now for a look at how we got this party started.

{Ana Ortuno’s awesome bun by Cutler.}

{Stephanie Giles of Beauty For Real doing makeup for Kristin Clark.}

{Leslie Munsell Dubbin of Beauty For Real doing blogger Casey Garcia’s makeup.}

{Stacey from GuyandGirl, where I scored my runway look for the night.}

{Let’s go shopping! Jewelry by Furor Moda.}

{Geek chic by Collins Bridge.}

{Simonette trying earrings from Jewels by Dunn.}

{Mental note, look into the beaded shorts from Gg.}

{My sketchy-ist friend, Erin Chainani from Erin Una.}

{Sharp-dressed man Gino Campodonico.}


18 pt
18 pt


{Thanks for making it all happen, Annie Vazquez.}

{KarGar documented the whole shebang for Refinery29.}

{My look from GuyandGirl with MIA shoes and glasses by Collins Bridge.}

{According to Maria, I may or may not be a sexy secretary.}

{Me and Mayleen geeking out with our Collins Bridge frames.}

{Wonder Woman power.}

{Have you ever seen such a big bunch of hams before? Wearing our runway looks and loving it!}

{Moments before the fashion show starts. I’m such a dork.}

{Work that bikini, Kelly Saks!}

{My favorite look of the night on Kiana Barnes.}

{Parting gifts for one hell of an event.}

And last but not least, here’s a video of us workin’ it on the catwalk.