Flash Mob


{Wearing: Flash Tattoos Lena, available at Photographed by Maria Tettamanti.}

This past Friday, there was plenty of flashing going on at the beach. No, no, not that kind—although I have seen more than I’ve wanted to on the beach this summer. Instead, I brought a pack of Flash Tattoos, stole some scissors from a cabana boy and went to tatting up myself and my Fancy Friday crew. Sharing is caring. Why the beach? Because, the sun catches these temporary metallic tattoos perfectly and there’s plenty of surface area to stick them to when you’re wearing a bikini. I bought my first pack of Flash Tattoos a month or so ago at Blush, but didn’t try them out until I got one of the limited-edition ones applied at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. And it stayed on through thick, thin, shower, yoga sesh, sweat fest, etc …

When it finally wore off, I needed another round. The addiction to these little things is real. Though I would never get a real tattoo (I haven’t found anything I like enough to live on my body permanently and needles scare the bejesus out of me), these are really fun to play with when you’re a tattoo-a-phobe.

The girls and I did our ankles, the water reflecting off the metallic as we stepped into the ocean, making them picture perfect. And they managed to catch a few looks later on that night on an evening out. Up next, trying out of the necklaces, which requires skills of the artsy crafty variety. Relax, I got this. 🙂