Finding Some Zen

A balmy Thursday night. A perfect crescent moon sits in the Miami sky, while the lights of nearby buildings skirt the skyline. Underwater speakers filter in the sounds of Radiohead, while I float on my back, the warm water enveloping me as I take it all in.


Hubby recently joined The Standard, and I’ve been tagging along with him every now and then for date night. For as many stories as I’ve written about The Standard for magazines and online sights, I’ve never experience the underwater music. Never took the time to just lay there and float and enjoy it.

Until last week.

And now I can add a new zen den to my list.¬†What’s a zen den? It’s one of those little places I escape to to find some peace and quiet.

Some of my favorites are the rooms at Green Monkey, where I can turn my phone off, forget e-mail even exists and become a motion for every breath I take. Or the beach at Soho House on Friday afternoons, where the waves roll in and the worries roll right out. And the quiet of my bedroom in the middle of a Sunday with the blackout blinds closed, the ac down a little too low and the comfort of my cozy bed.

Thanks to David for the pics of me floating around in my happy moment at The Standard.