Press Play

{Wearing: Reversible Seamless Workout Bra and  Topspin Tennis Skirt: c/o Colosseum. Shoes: Peter Pilotto for Target. Photographed by the fabulous Erin Newberg.}

Let’s real talk for a second: Music makes the world go round. Just last week I took a spinning class at RedBike in my fun new Colosseum workout outfit and I found when I liked the song playing I pedaled even harder and faster. Pumped up?  In fact, I try to ride my bike every Wednesday to and from yoga and it wouldn’t be half the fun it is if I didn’t have my grunge-era playlists that I loudly sing as I’m pedaling. Sure, everyone along the path thinks I’m tone deaf and nuts, but I’m having a moment that goes from one end of Miami Beach to the other. And I could care less because it’s amazing. Speaking of Miami Beach, the band eb and flow in our neck of the woods is currently amazing. Ah-may-zinggg (in that obnoxious way girls with blogs write). I take back all the harsh things I’ve said about our live music scene here. And let’s face it, I’ve said some pretty harsh things, maybe even to print outlets. But I take them back, all back. Thank you, Fillmore Miami Beach.

So, what’s on the agenda:

September: Washed Out, Jack White, Belle & Sebastian

October: Chvrches

November: Interpol

It’s like my Spotify playlist is slowly but surely making it’s way to Miami Beach. In my life, I have always wanted to see Belle & Sebastian. Now I don’t even have to leave my neighborhood to do so. And here’s your warning, Jack White, I’m going to stalk you (in a nice, non-psychotic way) the minute you enter town all the way until until the nano second you leave. I will even consider dying my hair red for those two days (JSYK).

To celebrate this momentous occasion, a mini playlist to prep for the upcoming aural goodness. And if you’re anywhere near me and my bike on Wednesday, you might get to hear my live rendition of it.

Washed Out “New Theory”

Jack White “Alone in my Home”

Belle & Sebastian “Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying” (If they don’t play this, I might cry.)

Chvrches “Gun”

Interpol “Untitled”

You can find my playlist if you follow me on Spotify.

You can score my outfit from Colosseum or another look from the brand at 20 percent off by using the code GINGER.
Happy listening and shopping.