Let Me Do You a Favor



{Behold, Favor—the brilliant new app now in Miami that brings you whatever you desire, like cheese from Morton’s.}

I never write about food. Juice, yes. Candy, sometimes. Food, nope. Why? I’m just not a foodie. That being said, you know when I’m taking pics of food and writing about it, something’s up. Something’s good. Damn good. That something is Favor.

What’s Favor, you ask? It’s a lifeline that recently launched in Miami. And now that I know about it I won’t be able to live without it. Here’s a little scenario so you get the bigger picture:

It’s Thursday night. I’m heavily into a FX marathon of Married, I’m wearing the kind of PJs that are so comfy but janky I’ve vow to god they will never see the light of day, my hair is twisted up into something that makes the man bun look socially acceptable and I’m donning a green mud mask to suck the life out of my pores. The possibility of me leaving the nest is zilch. It’s negative zilch, actually. But my craving for a cheese plate from Morton’s is so out of hand, I find myself scheming a plot that involves a bank robber chic ski mask so no one recognizes me as I brave the mission to feed my need in my janky jammies. No, no. So not happening. So what’s this girl with a hankering and zero outside world presentability to do? Call in a Favor, of course. “Favor’s personal assistants will make getting anything you crave delivered easier than ever.” Is that real? Yup. Sign me up. OK, I’m already signed up, but if you want to, too,  just download the app (it’s a blue bow tie) and order whatever you can fathom. The options are literally endless and not just limited to food. Run out of bubble bath for a total screw-the-world-i’m-staying-in night? Call in a Favor. Need a canister of cake frosting to cry into while you watch sad movies? Favor time. Not that I do that or anything …

I tested it out on Thursday and I’m hooked. The next time I’m craving juice and don’t want to loop around Sunset Harbor 500 times looking for parking in the war-like construction zone, I’m calling in a Favor. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll do that right now. I have a personal code that makes your first Favor delivery free, so why the hell not?

Go ahead, give it a go. Use the code GINGH3. Just like Uber, all of your info is preloaded so tipping, paying and whatnot happens with the flick of your fingertip.

Happy Favoring.

*This post is sponsored by Favor. The services were tested and approved by me and my review is my honest opinion of the service. The rest, however, is the ramble that rolls around in my head.