Fashion Bloggers Take Over Soho House

That’s me!

Miami’s fashion blogger pool. I’m all the way down at the end, second to last.

Last night I holed up with Miami’s top fashion bloggers to give a little chit chat about what it is we do. Buddy Maria Arguello (@mari7305) MCed the event, like a champ, while we weighed in on how we got started, why we do what we do, what format we prefer and where we shop. I also confessed I stalk Ria Michelle via Twitter. And now that I’ve met KarGar, who is a hoot, I’ll just go ahead and admit that she’ll also be added to people I fashion stalk. Kudos to the audience who offered up some great questions. Here’s what I took away from the experience: Electric Blogarella is a work in progress, and I promise great things to come.


Speaking of great things, the Tucker sale at Soho House is off the charts. Almost all of the items are around $100, and, considering some of the dresses sell online for close to $400, that’s a steal. The sale is for members only, so I suggest if you aren’t a member buttering up to someone who is so you can get in on this goodness. It may cost you a cami or two, but it is well worth the investment.

The Wordy Girl in Tucker holding up a Tucker print that fits her to a T.

Mine oh mine.

I scored this little number, which I wore last night to the event. It’s silk and flowing and tribal. Perf for Miami. The sale continues through today, so go and score yourself some Tucker.