Faking It With M.A.C. Ruffian Manicure

I detest looking at my nails without polish on them. But manicures in Miami kinda suck. They cost a fortune (ask anyone who lives in New York. They can get their nails did for a bargain $15). Getting an appointment is a pain. And the whole experience comes to a grinding halt just days—OK, sometimes even hours— later, when the polish chips. 2Hence my latest obsession: fake nails.

{Behold my latest obsession: M.A.C. Ruffian Manicure in Demilune.}

I don’t know who is responsible for the revival of press-on manis, but I’d like to buy them a drink. Instead of hiding my hands from people Monday through Wednesday (you know, the days after your mani dies leading up to your next appointment) I can literally disguise my broken claws with perfect nails that cost a quarter of my manicure and stay on for up to seven days. Plus, the drugstore brands have all these cool designs which your nail salon won’t even entertain the notion of doing. And if they did, it would cost you a good portion of your shoe allowance. Upping the obsession, M.A.C. recently got in on the craze with its Ruffian Manicure. Isn’t it just amazing?

Demilune is my favorite. The black with gold is modern, classic and bad-ass all at the same time. You just stick these babies on and presto: best manicure in the room. The little extra touch of solid gold on the backside is the cherry on top. M.A.C also launched Spectator, which is cream with a black half moon and black French tip, as well as Demoiselle, red with white half moon and black French tip. At $25 a pop, it’s still cheaper than most Miami manis and stays on longer than those ever will. But the line is only around until July 16, then ebay prices will skyrocket and you’ll be better off at the nail salon. Stock up now while you still can. And if all else fails, give your local drugstore a drive-by. There’s some pretty savvy options there for around $9.