Rainbows and Bolts

{Military jacket: c/o Express. Bolt Tank Top: C/o Express. Blank NYC Leather Shorts: Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bracelet: Found on a voyage to Mexico. Photographed by: Sunny Middleton}

I’ve been craving a military-style jacket for some time now. I don’t exactly do camo, which is what I’ve found most of them in, so this one from Express, which recently celebrated its grand opening at Dadeland Mall, was a great alternative. As for my tank top, well, looking at the bolt of lightening, I’m reminded of the saying “lightning never strikes in the same place twice.” Turns out that’s a lie. Lightning can strike the same place over and over again, especially since storms are pretty centrally located. And man, I think I know what that feels like: When you just keep getting hit by the same storm over and over and over again. But, much like the rainbow wall behind me, storms eventually pass and the sun comes out again and it shines its light through the rain and something wonderful happens. I guess what I’m getting at is that it’s been a crazy few weeks. With Basel coming and managing life and work, being a single mom, it’s a lot. A lot a lot. And sometimes it gets heavy and you have to remind yourself to focus on the good stuff, like that rainbow after the storm. Turns out, I have a giant rainbow ahead. But I’m not ready to share about it just yet. Well just say it’s Basel related and something I’ve been hoping for for some time now. Details to come soon. Until then weather the storm the best you can.