Do Not Disturb

{Wearing: Set from Touch BoutiquePhotographed by me.}

The best part of staying in a hotel …

jumping on the bed! But as far as the people at Epicurean know, this never happened. I’m a totally respectable hotel guest.

I recently took an overnight trip to Tampa for work and stayed at the Epicurean. The place is amazing. It’s a hotel designed around a gourmand experience  with walls made from vintage wine boxes. Clearly, my kind of spot. I’ve never explored Tampa, so when I found out the hotel had vintage-looking cruisers, I hit the street and started pedalling. The town sits just off the water’s edge and the buildings have a charming quality that begs to be photographed. Speaking of photographing, a local stopped their car and yelled at me to get off the tracks, because “train tracks are dangerous.” Um, only if trains are actually coming, but thanks for the warning.

After my bike adventure, I hit the hotel rooftop bar called Edge, had a nice glass of rose and took in a rainbow after a short storm. Afterward, I headed downstairs for a meal of epic proportions: gourmet tomato soup with grilled cheese, mac and cheese with truffles, blueberry cobbler for dessert and many, many glasses of wine in the middle. Yeah, I basically have the palate of a grown-up 5 year old, but this place even caters to that.

The next day, I made it to my Visit Florida meeting and planned out my next segments for the year to come. I’m so excited about each and every one of them. I will literally be covering shopping from one end of the state to the other.

And then it was back on a plane to head home to kiddo. I’m getting the hang of this flying thing. The secret: The more you do it, the easier it gets. Thirty minutes to Tampa was cake, and it was cute enough for me to go back. Besides, Epicurean needs someone to treat its beds like trampolines.