The Gift of Smooth

{eos hand lotion and lip balm spring packs.}








{Step one: Smell this!}

Here’s an obvious gift that might not seem terribly obvious: Moisture.

After a recent trip up north outside of Miami’s moisturizing humidity, the kiddo and I got very dried out. Poor kiddo’s lips were so chapped, it hurt just to look at them. And our hands—sandpaper city. Kismet brought these eos spring packs to our door just when we needed them most.

Kiddo is obsessed with eos and all the fun things you can do with them, so we decided to take it to the next level and add a little DIY magic to our spring sets. After an amazing crafter-noon, it dawned on us this was an excellent gift idea. And since the next gift we’ll need to give is Mother’s Day, let’s just say if we call you mom or grandma, chances are there’s a DIY eos spring pack headed your way.

{Our beautified balms.}


{Just add tulle and tada!}

To make these as festive as they are effective, we wrapped ours in white tulle and added fun spring-y elements, like floral stickers and twine, which we found at a local craft store, to turn them into gifts.

{Our lovely lotions.}



{Wrapped and ready to be gifted.}

Not only do our lips and hands look and feel 1,000 times better, we had a blast giving them our very own touch. And now we can’t wait to share them.


This post is sponsored by eos. The thoughts and opinions, well, those are mine. All mine.