Entering the Age of Aquarius


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Support local designers. Why? They get our a-typical weather situation. They understand our love of color. And when we support our local talent, we are building up our own community. Luckily, we have a plethora of talent coming out of Miami in which to swath ourselves. Some of my favorite staples are from locals like Tricia Fix, Teresa Mezzina, Lorie Lester and Alexis.

The other night at a Miami magazine party, I saw an adorable girl wearing an orange, tribal-print tube dress. When I asked here where she got it she said, “I made it.” Of course she did. Turns out, she makes lots of dresses. And just a few days ago, designer Daniella Ivana Sredni launched her line Aquarius. Packed with Miami girl must-haves, the line features dresses you’ll don out for a year or so, then transform into daywear and beach coverups after. And the colors are bold, just as a SoBe wardrobe should be. Toss in the summer-in-Miami wearable fabrics and you have a fashion trifecta.

Because it fits our season-less lifestyle to a T, I featured Aquarius on today’s DailyCandy post. Look for the line at GuyandGirl (our new favorite spot), as well as ISA Boutique. I’ll be hitting up one or the other to score the back-baring sarong top soon enough.