A Time For Thanksgiving

Fact: Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. From the food (I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 22 years. the idea of a mass meat holiday doesn’t exactly do it for me)  to the very idea of befriending someone, like the Indians, just to stab them in the back and take what’s rightfully theirs, is beyond me. In fact, the only things I really like about Thanksgiving are pumpkin pie and the reflection. Meaning the chance to reflect on what it is you’re thankful for. And while this year has been a roller coaster, it’s still so easy for me to highlight what I am most thankful for. Even through your toughest times your blessings are always front and center.

First and foremost, I’m grateful for my beautiful kiddo. She is my happy place, my heart that goes walking around outside my body. Her joys are my joys. Her pains are my pains. She is my everything. I can honestly say I live and breathe for her.

Next, my mom. Now that I am a mom and I feel all the joys and pains of motherhood, I get what it means. And my mom has been my rock. My foundation. My sanity when I had none. She’s so beautiful and funny and real. Never has there been a day in my life when my Mom didn’t support me. And I am beyond thankful for that.

Up next: Yoga. For three reasons: It makes me challenge and push myself. It makes me set goals for myself. And it reminds me to just breathe.

And finally, work. Yes, I find myself under a load of it and I have a tendency to freak out and complain to anyone who will listen, but to see a story come together, to make it happen, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. There’s something fulfilling about taking a blank Word document and filling it with someone’s story. I will also be thankful for my blog. The fact that people actually come here to read my random stream of consciousness still floors me. And the fact that people hire me to be a story teller makes me smile. There are a lot of tales to be told. And I love stringing all the words together to make them happen.

So go, eat your turkey (Milly and I are having a pasta lunch instead), hang out with your family (mine’s in the Panhandle and I miss them like crazy) and lapse into a food coma. Just take a few seconds between shoveling in bites to remember what you have. And why it makes you smile.