Electric Blogarella Bella: Dianna Hughes

{Meet Dianna.}

Seriously, how cute is Dianna? This girl has fierce style. I met her at the Touch Boutique Style Challenge a few weeks back and was just wowed by how put together her look was. Those pants are total show-stoppers. Turns out, Dianna is a fellow Miami fashion blogger and a stylist. And she loves thrifting. Kindered spirits? You betcha! But enough about my obsessing over this Bella. Find out for yourself what she’s all about. 

Name: Dianna Hughes 

Claim to Fame: Assistant/stylist and blogger at adventuresinherstilettos.blogspot.com.

Wearing: Zara pants, Love Culture top, Steve Madden leopard heels, Francesca’s Boutique necklace and bracelets from Kore Boutique, Tiki Boutique and Aldo.

Sum up your style: I would say I’m a melting pot—I have a very bohemian style, yet it can also be romantic at times and then sometimes more urban. It all really depends on my mood and how I feel.

Most treasured item in your closet: This may sound silly, but I have to say my wedding ring. It’s my most complimented item. No matter how many times or what I wear it with, it always stands out.

Secret shopping go-to spot: Thrift stores You have to really dig, but you will find some great old-school things that have come back in style. I do a lot of DIY from finding things at the thrift store.

Beauty tip: Wear what makes you smile, because if you are happy about what you have on, your happiness will come through to others around you. As for makeup, wear concealer under the eyebrows. Brows are my favorite facial feature. They frame the face, and when you add a little concealer lining your brows, it defines them even more and gives off a great glow.

When you were a kid you wanted to be: I went through many stages. I think I wanted mostly to be a wife and mother.

Never leave home without your: Cellphone and chapstick.

At the top of your fashion wish list is: Giuseppes—any pair.

Currently addicted to: Collars and studs.

Last song you listened to: An old school song: “Isn’t She Lovely.”