Take Flight

{Top: Wet-look Leggings: American Apparel. Leather Vest: Vintage. Booties: Steve Madden. Belaga Bag: c/o Ecco. Necklace: Vintage Avon. Nails: Essie Luxedo. Photographed by Maria Tettamanti.}

So, I booked a ticket home to see my mama and crew for Christmas. And she has been posting something on Facebook at least twice a day since the whole thing became official. You’ve probably seen it. I think she even took out a Facebook ad that read something to the effect of her Miami girls coming to visit. Excited? You bet. Freaked out? Totally. Why? Because I have to fly. With kid. Just me and kid. No one to hold my hand. Except kid. And my 5-year-old is totally going to be braver than I will be in this situation. But I can’t let her know that.

I haven’t been on a plane in over a year now. And the longer I wait, the worse it gets. Normally, I’d take some doctor-prescribed meds to get me through and zonk out to the point where someone has to nudge me awake and let me know I’m at my destination (yes, my phobia is THAT bad), but I have to care for kiddo so that’s not even an option. So, it’s time to face the fear head-on. Either that or drive with kiddo in the car for a solid 10 hours. Hi, no thank you. So I took the 45-minute plane ride over the drive. And I just need to keep reminding myself about seeing my fam, playing cards, making cookies, watching the kiddos play, roasting smores … all the things that outweigh taking off on what is basically a bus with wings that magically stays afloat in the sky.

Lets just hope there are a load of nuns and sweet innocent babies on my flight. God would keep that one in the air for sure, right?

Oy. Wish me luck. And yes, I will be toting this amazing purse from Ecco on my trip. I have the same one in red and I’m obsessed with it. It’s even laptop friendly. Add it to your holiday wish list. Trust.