Forward Thinking

{Jeans: Mossimo. Bag: Vintage Nanette Lepore. Shoes: c/o Ecco Ossima Wedge Sandal. Cuff: c/o BeeCharming.com Starfish Cuff.}

Because it’s October, but it still feels like August, so we’re still rocking really colorful stuff and sandals these days. But inside, I’m scheming my Halloween costume. Every year I put together a homemade costume for kiddo with something corresponding for myself, the dogs, whomever. And this year, Milly and I already have our concept. Now to execute it.

We have one rule though: Our costume is top secret. So, the other day we were at the salon and someone asked kiddo what she was going to be for Halloween and she looked at me, almost blurted it out, covered her mouth and said, “It’s a secret.” Atta girl! Like everyone else on the planet, they will just have to wait until October 31 to see what we’ve concocted.

I’m so excited. I can’t wait. Trips to Michael’s for supplies, pattern making, sewing, the whole nine. Yup, like a kid in a candy store. Halloween is without a doubt my most favorite holiday.