Drugstore Beauty Roundup

{Maybelline eyeliner, St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash, Impress press-on nails, Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleaning Towelettes, Wet n Wild shadow, CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast shadow stick.}

I’m a total makeup snob. I swoon for Chanel. I melt for M.A.C. But at the other end of the spectrum are my favorite drugstore brands. Today, I’m sharing a look at my Walgreens staples and why I love them so.

These are the greatest invention ever (though I’m looking into paraben-free brands, but have to do the allergy test first because everything gives me hives. Hi, TMI.) When it’s too late at night, or I’m too lazy, or I have on enough eye makeup to require a small village of remover, I whip these out, wash up and head to bed, because every derm on the planet will tell you sleeping in your makeup is the ultimate nono. Here’s your easy out.

I suck at putting on eyeliner—plain and simple. This is the easiest way I’ve found to line my eyes. It’s a continual flow, which makes drawing lines on lids that much more user-friendly. And it washes off with the towelettes above in a snap (read: no next-day raccoon shadows).

Greatest. Cream. Shadow. Ever. It comes in a slew of colors, but the gold, bronze combo is my fave. It has just enough sparkle and is neutral but still gives you a made-up look.

As previously mentioned, I’m allergic to everything. This works for me and it’s really moisturizing. Plus, it’s paraben-free. Score. 

Go ahead, knock press-on nails. If you’re doing so it’s because you haven’t tried them since Martha Quinn was on MTV. These things have come a long way. And they are amazing when you have somewhere to be and can’t get to the salon. The nails are self-adhesive, but I buy brush-on glue and carry it with me, just in case (though I’ve never needed it). The hardest part is picking which nail size best matches your own for each finger, but the fun patterns, easy application and fact that they cost around $8 makes it so worth it.

OK, so mine’s a little broken (or a lot), but this shadow is great because it tells you which color should go wear. The colors are labeled lid, crease and brow, which are stamped into the shadow. There are also step-by-step instructions on the back. And the selection of colors runs the gamut. Just don’t drop it on the floor like I did and it’s all good.