Face Facts

{Wearing: Hot Pink Metallic Bodycon Crop Top: c/o Blush. Elan White Semi-Sheer Pants: c/o Blush. Shoes: Zara. Necklace c/o Express. Hair and makeup: Davi . Photographed by me.}

I have this really bad habit of smiling and laughing. At first, it wasn’t an issue, but as life tumbles along, all those grins and bursts of hysterical laughter start to make little lines here and there. Sure, they are the mark of good times, some of the best, even, but dammit, I have lines on my face. So, REAL TALK: As my 37th year starts to sneak up on me, I decided it was time to erase those lines. Well, some of them anyway. With stellar recommendations from my best bud Erin Newberg, I decided to take my lines to Dr. Marc Epstein to see how we could diminish them.

Dr. Marc Epstein’s office is parked just above Villa Azur in Miami Beach. And upon walking in, I immediately understood why Erin recommended him. His demeanor is charming. And it’s obvious he knows what he is talking about. He is a Physician Representative for Ultherapy with practices in both Miami Beach and New York. And, most importantly, he is an artist. He finds inner beauty and brings it to the surface. The closer I get to the big 4-0, the better it makes me feel that there is someone out there who can make that happen. Vanity, as he said, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Wanting to look on the outside the way you feel on the inside is what we all crave. And I was ready to do something about that. I mean, hey, I’m closer to 40 than I am 30. I live in a state where the sun is unavoidable. And I laugh too much. If I can do something to prevent me from looking like a worn leather bag at the bottom of someone’s shoe closet, so be it. There’s no shame in wanting to feel pretty. 

Upon sitting with him, Dr. Epstein explained exactly how my face would begin to age, giving me tips on what I should do and what I should stay away from doing as time progresses. He also told me I look great for my age, which made me feel amazing. But I explained there are certain things I see that make me feel uncomfortable. And he was willing to take a look and see what he could do to restore my confidence. Because his practice is a boutique practice, he does his own work, too, meaning he gets to know each of his patients and their needs. That’s something I like. I don’t want three different people having opinions on what I should look like. I’ll stick with one and let him get to know know the ins and outs of my expressions.

While I was all ready to inject this, that and the other here, there and everywhere, he explained it wasn’t necessary. And that made me feel comfortable. God knows having a completely frozen face isn’t a look I’m going for, nor is it one he will give you. In regards to those little lines here and there, he had an excellent solution: Dysport, a botulinum injectable. He poked the needle between my brows and along the top of my forehead. Did it hurt? A little. But, hey, beauty is pain. And it’s the kind of pain that makes you look better. I can totally handle that. Dysport actually prevents movement of the muscles to where it is injected, making those little lines virtually disappear. And it lasts for up to five months. And with Dr. Epstein’s prices, it’s truly affordable to upkeep your newfound beauty.

I walked out feeling more confident, happy and pretty. And that’s not something I’m afraid to share. In this day and age, for a woman to be able to say that, well, that’s an accomplishment. Thanks, Dr. Epstein.

If you need an extra boost in the confidence department, Dr. Epstein offers free consultations. Look him up here or find him at 309 23rd St., Suite 200, Miami Beach; 305.222.7924.