This Week’s Most Sought-After Accessory

I’ve waited in line for shoes, Missoni for Target, Black Friday sales, for bottled water and peanut butter before hurricanes, the opening of Hunger Games, even H&M’s sad little Miami pop-up to open. Waiting in line to vote early: worth every second. Especially if you think about the end result: way bigger than zig-zag ballet flats. Rick Scott threw us a curveball by cutting down the amount of time we had to vote early here in Florida. But people stuck with it, even waiting four, five and six hours at the polls to make their vote count. So, if you haven’t already, when you head to the polls on Tuesday, bring a survival kit just in case: A magazine, some headphones, a lawn chair, a bottle of water and prepare to wait it out. Just remember, you’ve waited for less important things. Besides, you want your sticker. You need your sticker. It is your zig-zag rain boots.

About that sticker, it dawned on me while I spent two hours in line that throughout our lives we are constantly being given stickers as rewards. Get a shot at the doctor: sticker. Do a good job on a test: sticker. Vote for the next president: sticker. Not really sure what that’s all about, but I will tell you this Tuesday, November 6, 2012, the must-have accessory worn from one end of the country to the next will be an “I Voted” sticker. Do what you need to get yours and wear it with style. I paired mine with red, white and blue to mark the occasion.

{Vintage Lucky Brand denim shirt. Forever 21 white tank top. Vintage oxblood print skirt. Vintage shoes. Goyard tote. American Apparel sunnies.}