DIY Frames and How to Hang ‘Em

This is my entryway at my house, where for two years I’ve hung nothing on the wall, just like the rest of the house. Why? I’m a complete commit-a-phobe when it comes to being in a serious relationship with decor, which is weird because decorating is like accessorizing. And I love to accessorize. But for some reason it becomes a mental hurdle when it comes to dressing up my house. This weekend, however, I took the plunge. I decided enough with the bare walls. It was time to pair them up.

I started with two frames I found on clearance at Ikea. Loved the shape, but the plastic was killing me. So I decided to spray them with a glossy lacquer for a different effect.

You’ll need two rubber gloves (so you don’t ruin your manicure), a bottle of lacquer and something you don’t mind ruining under the frames. I used a piece of old wood from the garage.

Spray away. Be sure to hold the can far enough away so your coat doesn’t get drippy.

And voila, glossy frames that don’t look so plastic.

Next step: Outfit with something pretty. I filled mine with embroidered birds.

Your next mission as you choose to accept it: Hanging them on the wall. I decided I wanted mine to sit side-by-side, which means they needed to hang evenly (Yikes!). So, I cheated the system using paper. To do it, you’ll need a piece of paper as long as your frames, a level (your neighbor probably has one if you don’t) and a pencil. Start by lining the frames up evenly on the floor (according to your level), then trace around them with the pencil.  

Then, decide where on the wall you want your frames to go and where the nail should be for each one, which you’ll need to mark on the paper.

Hammer a nail into the designated spot, hang the frames on their outline and rip the paper from the back.


Tada, things on the wall. Big thanks to hubby who helped. Mind you this was the first time we’ve ever hung anything evenly on the first try, too. Decor + empowerment = winning.