Happy Easter

I’m taking a Coachalle blog break because, well Happy Easter! I love Easter because it marks the arrival of spring. And spring is like a redo. A restart. A whole new beginning. I also love the whole DIY aspect to the holiday. Yes, I love fashion, but give me a DIY opportunity and I’m all over it like Martha Stewart on a Michael’s bender. When I was a kid, my Granny Miller and I would dye all of the eggs the night before Easter so the Easter Bunny could hide them for us the next day. Then, one year, all the kids went looking for them and we found zero eggs, because the Irish Setter who lived next door came over and ate every single one of them. We dubbed him the big red Easter Bunny from that point on. Baring the egg-eating dog, I like to keep the tradition alive with kiddo, but this year, thanks to a craft project I found in the Easter section at Target, we decided to up the ante. The whole project cost about $8 and was a blast. 

Here’s a tragic fact: None of the organic eggs at the store are white. So, just pretend the ones you are using are organic and then don’t buy them again until next year. After hard-boiling your eggs, started with your run-of-the-mill egg dye. Soak them in vinegar (and prepare to listen to your kid complain about how really bad the smell is—because, well, it is. Then, light around 5 to 7 vanilla-scented candles to mask it. Let the eggs sit for as long as your kid can hold out to absorb the most color.

Tada, dyed eggs.

Next, we decorated these guys with the kit. The instructions were simple, but we had to make some modifications, because stickers don’t really stick to eggs that have recently come out of the refrigerator. So either don’t refrigerate yours (which could be a risky situation) or prepare to use some Gorilla Glue on the eggs to get the little bits and pieces to stick. Milly drew the noses and whiskers on all the little guys. And we mixed them with the cute plastic critter eggs we also found at Target. This year, the Easter bunny bypassed the candy and filled them with undies from Frozen, because they were a much-requested item and too much candy makes me feel like a questionable parent. We tossed it all in the spring-esque basket and voila, Easter bliss.

I realize kiddo will probably kill me when she’s like 14 and realizes this is on the interwebs, but I just had to. This was her reaction when she found the last egg. We did Easter early this year because I went to Coachella and we did it in our PJs, because that’s how we roll. Hoppy hoppy.