DIY Denim Vest

While mentally packing for my trip to New York last week, I decided I needed/wanted/had to have a denim vest. So I bought a studded one on Ebay. And then I waited. And waited. And waited for it to show up in my mailbox. When it hadn’t arrived the day before my trip, I improvised and made one of my own from an old jean jacket I bought from Forever 21 a thousand years ago. I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me to do this before. Clearly, necessity is the mother of invention. Anyway, it went a little something like this:

Start with a jean jacket you don’t have an emotional attachment to. Next, get a pair of cloth-cutting scissors. The ones from your kitchen you cut plastic and paper with are dull and won’t cut the fabric as well, so invest in some craft scissors and then hide them so no one else in your house will use them to snip tags off Target tees.

Cut off the sleeves. If you prefer a worn and torn edge, cut off the seam. I left the seam because I’m not so into the fray.

Finally, embellish. Since I already ordered a studded vest, I adorned mine with vintage brooches. Voila. Done. Took about five minutes total. Cost absolutely nothing. And truth, I like this one way more than the one that finally arrived from Ebay.

{My DIY denim vest awesomeness. American Apparel maxi dress. Vintage fedora and elephant necklace. Amorium Jewelry evil eye ring. Aldo sandals.}