DIY Denim Shorts

While cleaning out my closet for Fashionably Conscious, of which I scored a ton of awesome, awesome finds this past weekend, I found a pair of Citizens for Humanity bootcut jeans I bought sometime around the era God created light. I didn’t donate them because, really, who wants bootcut jeans? But it dawned on me to cut them off and make them into shorts. Why? Because every time I buy something new for autumn, I envision it with cutoffs. Basically, I’m going to need more than a few pairs of denim shorts to get me through the fall season.

If you’ve ever been fearful of hacking off your jeans into shorts, rest assured you can do it. These, however, needed a lot of love and attention to breathe new life into them. The whole process went a little something like this:

Start with jeans that look cute on your butt, but are an ever-loving disaster from the knee down. Add in a tape measure, fabric-cutting scissors and a nail file. Next, measure from the back waist of the jeans to a length you think will work. I started with 15 inches.

Start snipping. Denim is a forgiving fabric, so it’s OK if your straight line is a little on the drunk side. Repeat on the other side. Next, I tried the shorts on and realized they were too long, so I cut another five inches off. After you’ve come up with a do-able length, use your nail file to fray the edges. You can also toss them in the washer to really get the fray going. But don’t put them in the dryer. Then you’ll have to do the need-to-squeeze-into-my-denim dance. It’s a terrible move.

Decorated pockets? No thanks. Opt for smaller scissors and start undoing the stitch. I’m not going to lie. This part takes forever and will make you wonder what kind of demons they use to sew pockets on. Breathe in, remain calm. You will get those damn pockets off.

Guess what? You made it. You’re one pocket down. Now you have to do it all over again on the other side. But look how cute they’ll be when you’re finished? The whole process takes about 30 minutes.

{Voila! DIY denim shorts worn with Monteau Los Angeles cardigan, Pink Rose tank, Aldo booties, vintage bag.}