Dinner is Served

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a DIY post. And with a dinner party at mi casa this past weekend, I thought, “Yahoo, two birds, one stone.” So, here’s how I used apples to make place cards. The project took less than 10 minutes and was functional and feast-able. Yeah, I know that’s not a word …

Here’s what you’ll need: Enough apples for each guest (make sure each apple has a stem), brown paper, twine, a hole punch, scissors and a Sharpie.

Start by cutting a leaf shape out of the brown paper. I found this paper in the dollar section at Target.

Next, write the name of each guest on the paper.

Using the hole punch, make a hole on the end of the leaf where the name begins.

Then, run the twine through the loop. You’ll need enough twine to tie one knot.

Tie the twine around the apple stem and tada, apple with place card leaf.

Put it on a plate and you’re good to go.

I used red apples against green dinnerware for a contrast. I added red flowers for another pop and placed them on an empty charger. As salad made its way to the table, the apples could be placed in a circle on the empty charger for further decoration and function.

I let the decor set the tone for dessert and made apple brown betty topped with vanilla ice cream. 🙂