Dita Von Teese Doesn't Sun When She's in Miami

I mean, really, she’s perfect.

I’m having a moment here. Right here in this pic. Because that’s me standing next to Dita Von Teese. My laundry list of why I think she’s the greatest thing since Marilyn and Jane has no bounds: blonde-turned-brunette, red lips, matching red nails, vintage pin-up hair, the importance of being pale and brains. Luckily, I was able to bind and gag my giddy, inner wannabe pin-up, vintage queen long enough to get the deets on Dita’s trip to Miami and our shared obsession with a rouge lips.

Why she’s in Miami:

“I’m here at the Mondrian launching my Cointreau bar set that they are going to be selling in the luxury vending machine, as well as a hotel package with cocktails and a travel bar.”

Her glamour inspirations:

“Women who dare to be different, successful women. Isabella Blow is someone I admire a lot, she was very daring in her own fashions. I have a lot of really great friends who are glamorous, executive women, and those are my inspiration. I don’t really have a lot of big celebrity names to throw out there. I like real women who are glamorous and do it themselves.”

Her favorite thing to do in Miami (because with flawless skin like that, it’s obvious she doesn’t sun):

“I like to sit under the cabana, in the shade, with a cocktail, playing a good card game, people-watching.”

Her signature nails:

“It’s a classic half-moon manicure. I started wearing it like this about 20 years ago when I was examining portraits of my favorite movie stars from the ’30s. I’ve been doing it forever. People used to say funny things to me like, ‘Wow, you really need to get those filled.’ But now it’s all the rage. I sell a set of press-ons nails on my site at”

Her red lipstick:

“I have about 300 red lipsticks, I’m a little obsessed. Right now I’m wearing a Tom Ford red they don’t make anymore, sadly. but I’m sure there is something similar. And then I wear Dior Roulette Red. Guerlain makes a really beautiful one. I could keep babbling about red lipstick all day.”

Well, Dita, I’ve to the time …

Oh, Tuka, guess what I’m asking for at my next mani/pedi?