Dirty Little Secrets: The $2.80 Cami from Forever 21

Ugh, why oh why didn’t I get the purple one, too?

Confession: I have an entire drawer of tanks and camis from Forever 21. Fact: That entire drawer doesn’t add up to more than $50. I may have a phobia of the rest of the stuff at Forever 21 (you know, because it falls apart while you are wearing it), but I’m obsessed with the tanks and camis. At $2.80 a top, why wouldn’t I be? I happened into the tri-level store in Aventura Mall the other day and scooped up green, turquoise and coral to add to my collection of mostly neutrals. And while I wear them all the time, my secret to keeping them in rotation is not putting them in the dryer. It gives them a longer life, like now they may even make it through two whole weeks without sprouting a hole.

That’s less than $10 worth of tanks.

Splurge: $4.80.

The other reason why I have so many is because I buy them in bulk. Three black ones, four white. You just never know when your $2.80 cami is going to keel over. But at that price, I’m willing to take my chances.

Forever 21 Aventura Mall is located at 19501 Biscayne Blvd., space #3004, Aventura.